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May 27, 2019
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5 Signs You Were Born To Be An Interior Stylist.

The life of an interior stylist is not all cushion fluffing and flower arranging you know! There are some serious skills that need to go down in the world of being a bad-ass interior stylist, and one does wonder sometimes if these are things that can be learned or if they are in our DNA from birth. My handy 5 point checklist should help you work it out. 

1. You have at least 20 arty / fashiony coffee table books, 18 of which have never been read but look really cool on your sideboard. 

2. If two contrasting materials are next to each other then stop everything and plan how to work around the colors to make them match. Concrete and marble? Glass and fur? Wood and metal? try and make it work

3. Restyle your bookshelves every couple of weeks just so that you can create a nicely organised and easy to access book shelve

4. You have a panic attack if your Cire Trudon scented candle is not burning the right way so that the wax lays flat in one smooth flat layer

You have a slightly freaky obsession with photographing tiny abstract architectural details of houses. Shadow gaps, crown moulding, or the slightly erotic curve of a restored victorian door handle. Most people don’t even get what these amazing close up pictures are but those who know, KNOW.

Source : Sarah Akwisombe

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  1. Amino Barka says:

    Well done, IDDS! I think I was born to be a designer and a stylist from everything you have written.

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