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August 22, 2019
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September 2, 2019

A-Z Design tips

Designing is an integral part of life. It involves translating material elements into a space based on its functional and aesthetic value. As regards to interior design, here are 26 unique ways by which you can make your home stand out in beauty and class.


Things such as wall paintings, pictures, artifact or even a well-designed rug with good patterns can transform your space. Such items will demand the attention of visitors, in turn, giving an aesthetic feel. You could try adding an area rug for each seating arrangement with contrasting (complementary) or similar colors.


A touch or better still a splash of black in your space says a lot of positive things about your personality. The color black is associated with wealth, power, intelligence, elegance, formality and style. Although black may make a space look small it also suggests a need for privacy in some part of your home.


Obvious as it may sound the color of space generally says a lot about the space. Varying the colors in a space makes it more interesting. So next time when designing try using light, dark and neutral colors to bring your space together.


Don’t settle for things you don’t love. When choosing what you want, think long term with


Designing requires experience this means you shouldn’t be afraid to fail because if you haven’t failed you haven’t learned. So learning from design mistakes makes you better


Here I mean the front of your home/entrance shouldn’t be ignored when designing. Items such as flowers a welcome door matt etc. would create a sense of excitement for those about to enter your home


Gold displays class and with a touch of nature’s green (Plants) brings about a powerful combination. Gold accessorizes the plant and gives an overall sophisticated look in general.


Plants generally give the home an organic contrast which brings a sense of texture and life to the home.


This goes without saying that in order to create a warm beautiful environment conducive for living, you need to invest your time and money into the home


Juxtaposing items around the home could when placing and arranging objects, giving off contrasting effects around the house


Keep personal items for keepsakes as they make your space more personal. Such items should have a history with you which could be talking points for friends and family.


Understanding the use of light both artificial and natural is very important in designing for many reasons. One of which is it brings about the illusion of space. They also increase the safety of the home.


Space management is extremely important because it often elevates the issue of clutters in the room. It also helps when choosing furniture items


Having more windows help utilize natural light which has a positive effect on the space


An optimal storage system in the house creates more space and makes decorative items more visible


Good painting and finishes around the home bring out the beauty of the home


Quantification brings about symmetry in the home giving proper account and amount of items in the home


Having reflective items in the home enhances the overall lightening in the space. It also has general aesthetic appeal and class


You have to spend money on buying and making some of these things possible so splurging is very necessary


Removing unnecessary items from the house is also important in order to avoid cluttering. Although such items are peculiar to individual but generally items such as worn out cloth, unworn clothes, expired make-up, old magazines and newspapers, odd socks, old tins of paint, old technology, expired food, old batteries and lightbulbs, junk drawer items etc.   


Use what you have in mind even if it requires in house installation. Uncommon items such as built-in units, sofas and headboards etc.


Go for valuable items ‘You get what you pay for’.


White has benefits such as brightening the space, provides a backdrop for décor, matches every color in the rainbow and so never underestimate the power of white


This is key because sometimes in order to know what works well in a space may require a little bit of experimenting. This helps to enhance your experience and makes you better.


Do YOU because it’s YOUR home. Doing it your way and not always following the trend is key because trends are easily replaced. Doing it your way may sometimes raise the question by outsiders but so long it what you love, who cares what others think?


The point here is this, going from a-y will only lead you and your home to zest. Doing the above will give your home the beauty and peace every home should provide for its owner.

I hope you loved our A – Z interior design tips. We’ll love to hear from and see if you have other tips that could help you. Ps, try not to start with X.

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