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Five (5) Essential Interior Design Lessons

Even before you delve into the world of interior designing there are certain basic artistic supplements you can adopt to spice up your space. While we all cannot possess the eye for exquisite design and detail we can decorate our homes as though we do.  In some ways, interior decorating can be thought of as a formula with specific steps; building blocks that will help create your very own interior design. On the other side, there is an art to decorating; a flair that doesn’t really follow any rules or formulas. While you may not have an artful flair, you can begin to learn how to develop one.

There are basic yet unique steps one can take to create a peaceful and functional interior space that takes your four walls and makes them feel like home.

1)Functional Layout

Interior design must begin with a functional layout of a room. The best way to start is by performing an adequate online research to see samples of work done by professional interior designers in the past. In these design programs you can input room measurements, furniture measurements and then play with room layout to see what works best for you

Functionality of your home is very dependent on individual lifestyles. Consider your individual living needs and then choose the right design software that can help you achieve your ideal layout.

A perfect example of a functional layout

2) Budget For Sofa

Most designers will tell you that if you are going to spend a huge amount on one item let it be on the sofa. Selecting the correct seating for a room is brain tasking as you need to consider the color to choose, the fabric, the size and how much you want to spend.

 Also visiting numerous design showrooms will also help you in the initial search of style options that suit your needs and tastes. We suggest you narrow down your choices to a few final options and then choose based on highest quality. A sofa can be a lifelong investment when the best quality is purchased, so buy the best that you can afford

Tastefully selected and matching furniture


3) Decorative Objects

An eye for appealing aesthetics is something that you may not possess naturally but through trial and error, you can discover the correct assortment of decorative objects that work in your home. A lot of interior designers say that if you absolutely love something, then buy it, you will find a place for it and a way to make it work. This mantra may work for those with a seasoned design knowledge, but not for the more timid newcomers to design. Most of all, buy what you love; what speaks to who you are.

An interesting blend of color and antiques

4) Add Some Green

Plants are commonly an addition after every other interior design artefact has been considered. This is a design mistake. You may think that you have a room completely, immaculately designed, but look to see if you have incorporated plants and natural elements. It is amazing what happens to the warmth and design spirit of a room the minute that you add a tall potted palm plant. Immediately the room seems fresher and more properly put together.

A nice dining room with a soothing touch of green

5) Own Your Space

This is where you get to have fun and showcase your personality. There is nothing worse than a home that doesn’t speak to the owner’s loves, travels, tastes, passions, and hobbies.

If you love color, then find ways to incorporate color through pillows and removable wallpaper. If you have traveled the world, then showcase the pictures you have taken or the items you collected while traveling.  

A Lovely and simple bedroom design

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