Common DIY Interior Design Mistakes
February 12, 2019


Welcome to the IDDS’ blog! We are all about creating and collaborations, and like all designers-creative people; creating something extraordinary for another human being can be exciting and intricate at the same time! We go through processes and put our minds and passion to work to form an interior designed product that is 100% in accordance to the client’s brief.

So, let’s start with our 2018 SME CSR project.

You see, 5th Sense Habitat was a fantastic brand, in fact, one of our designers during our Team Bonding “Game Day” exercise had won a 3 hour Spa experience with the brand! So, when 5SH asked us to redesign their spa into something lighter, brighter, modern and more fitting with the earthy/organic brand vision, we were more than happy to oblige.

So, let’s take a look at the OLD 5SH Space:

Here’s the Client Brief:

  • The Client would like to remodel the whole building to fit the theme of the brand.
  • The building should reflect the organic and “Zen” lifestyle which they promote.
  • The space should always feel aesthetically relaxing (clean look)
  • No metals should be used as they block the flow of energy
  • Very minimal use of glass in the space
  • Earthy colors should be used as they are the brand colors (any earthy color works)
  • Sharp edges should be avoided to a large extent
  • The Saloon needs to be brightened up to little to encourage clients to take pictures
  • Spa area should be a little more subtle that the saloon
  • Reception should be designed with a lot of wood to encourage the flow of energy
  • Only very limited structural work can be carried out as it is a rented building
  • Floor can be changed (especially in the saloon) to floor type that is removable
  • The railings of the staircase is in metal, anything that can be done to cover this would be appreciated if possible
  • Two workstations are required in private office but should be minimal as private office is not a priority.
  • Timeline – as soon as possible.

And here’s the intricate part, where it got exciting!

Being an existing space, the client needed the space open during the day from Tuesdays until Sundays! This meant that we could only work AT NIGHT, and on Mondays. 

We had no time to waste, and got to work swinging!

We designed in-studio 3D representations of the new spaces. We got new wallpapers, tore down old ones, screeded uneven walls, painted, custom-built furniture, installed furniture, installed lights, installed carpets, went shopping, did interior styling and even polished old items for re-purposing.

So, let’s look at the NEW Design

There were a few things we couldn’t change. We could not knock down walls/remove doors or create levels on the floor/ceilings. So we focused on creating harmony within the space itself- moving away from the dark hues, low-lighting and replacing the dark tiled floor with natural oak parquet. We also used mirrors! Beautiful – well-lit mirrors to throw light on customers and the salon attendants – and to give a perfect selfie position. The bamboo, plants and natural stone partition is there for three reasons – to hide the old stairwell which led to the “private spa area” upstairs, to serve as a natural statement feature piece in honor of Zen, nature and living, and third; to fill the space with glorious scents! White musk and sandalwood diffusers and oils are strategically on this feature – too engage and delight customers’ senses of smell.

All in all, we absolutely loved this project, as did the client! The feedback from users of this space has been huge!

Until our next post, we send you well wishes from IDDS for the week ahead!

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