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June 3, 2019
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How to Give a Room a Cozy Vibe

 One of the best parts of a house is the bedroom, in fact, it’s a space that should always win the favorite space of the year award. This is because your bedroom is your own personal space in the whole house, that space that you might necessarily not have to share with anyone asides your spouse (if you have one), your bedroom is that space that saves you from the thrills and stress of the day, your bedroom is your personal refuel arena, where your recharge your body enough to face the next task ahead of you. This is why your bedroom needs to be set up and styled comfortably in a way that would make it serve its purpose best, the best way to do this is to give your bedroom a cozy vibe. In today’s post, I’m going to be sharing a few ideas on how to give your room a cozy vibe.

Window Treatment

Depending on how much natural light you want in your bedroom, you can either go for curtains or drapes. Curtains are the perfect choice if you are the type that prefers to have a lot of natural light flowing into your bedroom because they are lighter while if you are the type that often prefers to block out natural lights totally, then drapes are the perfect choice for you. Both elements are perfect window treatments to give your room a cozy vibe.

Floor Treatment

Rugs are non-negotiable if you want to give your room a cozy effect. Rugs have a soft texture and they naturally generate warmth for your feel. They provide the best getaway for your feet after a long hard day trapped inside hard shoes. You can go for plush rugs, they give your feet a soft fluffy feel.


To achieve a cozy effect in your room, neutral colors are always the best. However, you can add a touch of color with your accessories. Always go for colors that generate warmth like yellow, colors that gives you a serene atmosphere like green. You can always play around with colors, but ensure that you pick out the right shades and tones that will give you the desired effect.


The best way to light up your bedroom to give it a cozy vibe is to go for lamps; floor lamps, table lamps, and wall lamps. Overhead lighting is not really best because they give out too much brightness, however, if you prefer overhead lights, it’s best you go for overhead lighting with dimmers. Also, it’s advisable to factor in a dimmer switch, this way you can alter your lighting depending on the mood you want to create.

Plush Bedding

It is very important that you pick out the right bed features, your bed, bed cover, pillows, blankets, and quilts, throw pillows, etc. Materials will soft textures and soft and neutral color shades are best to go for.

Natural Accent

Adding greenery, wood elements, stones in your bedroom can help you create a serene atmosphere in your bedroom, it also helps you connect more to nature. Natural plants help you breathe better and easily, they absorb toxins and contaminates, they also reduce noise and help you achieve a peaceful atmosphere. Also, adding a touch of nature around your room also enhances the aesthetic value of your room.

Create a Reading Spot

Imagine being able to curl up with a book on a sofa inside your bedroom, with the beautiful view of how the sun is setting at your disposal, the feeling here is priceless. This why you should add a personal touch to your bedroom, create a reading nook, possibly by the window area where you can always enjoy the beautiful view of nature.


There are a variety of accessories that you can add to your space, don’t be scared to put in as many throwing pillows as you want, peaceful art, scented candles or artificial candles, depending on the one you prefer, play around with fabrics with soft textures; woven fabrics, knitted fabrics.

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