December 23, 2019

How to Transform Your Room with Details

Most times we tend to get bored of how our space looks and just feel the need to add a little bit of fun or change the whole look of the room. Changing the look of your room doesn’t have to be too much work or cost you so much money. In today’s post, I’m going to be sharing tips on how you can easily transform your room with details without spending so much money.

Do a Total Clean up: One of the easiest ways to transform your room is to do a total cleanup of the room. By doing a total clean up, you get to assess what you don’t need anymore, what needs to be changed, what needs to be refined and modified to get a new look. This way you get to clear the air and give your room a chance to breathe.

Change the Furniture Layout: Changing your furniture layout is another easy way to transform your room without spending money. Move your bed to another spot/ angle, add a reading corner by the window, move your vanity to another spot. The goal here is to change the structure of the room.

Create a Focal Point: Creating a focal point means making a particular part of the room stand out. You can use colors to create a statement point in your room, by hanging a large colorful art on a particular wall, by using brightly colored wall stickers on one particular wall or hanging colorful woven wall basket or by simply painting that one wall in a bright color. It could be the wall by your bed or any other wall that appeals better to you. This can help you transform the way your room looks and feel.

Give Your Bed a New Look: Another way to easily transform your room is to change your beddings, add new fabrics with new textures and look. Add a plush blanket or quilt, a knitted or fabric, or you can go for a patterned feature. Go wide on throw pillows in different sizes and colors. You can also enhance the way your bed space is structured by adding an upholstered bench at the foot of your bed.

Window Treatment: Another way to transform the way your room looks is by adding or changing your curtains, you can pick a new set of curtains in a new color or go for a patterned material or one with another texture and feel. If your present curtains are short, you can pick out long ones or vice versa, also, you can also get more effect by hanging your curtains higher.

Floor Treatment: You can also make your floor function in enhancing the aesthetic value of your room by throwing down a rug on it. You can pick out an area rug with a bold color or a rug with a nice patterned design to give your room a color effect.

Touch of Green: You can also transform the look and feel of your room by adding natural plants to give your room the green effect. Natural plants do not only enhance the look of your room but they are also good for your health, as they help you breathe fine, they absorb toxins and help to reduce noise, giving your room a serene and peaceful vibe.

Lightning: This is another way to change the way your room look, you can take out the single tiny bulb overhead light and put a nice pendant light in its place. You can also exchange your bedside table lamp with a floor lamp or a wall lamp or even with a pendant light. You can also add candles; scented or not, or lanterns to give your room the cozy romantic effect.

Make Your Wall Function: You can make your wall work for you to give your room a whole total new look. You can exchange your floor storage unit for a wall-mounted one, this can help you clear up space for greenery, the wall-mounted shelves can also serve as space to put your small plants and flowers, family photos, framed favorite quotes, books, and other little room features. You can also make your wall your gallery where you can hang on your favorite artworks, paintings, and photos, depending on what works best for you.

Multifunctional Furniture: If your room is not so big and you need more space, you can make use of furniture that performs more than function like a storage unit that can serve as shoe storage unite, bag storage unit and can serve as a storage for scarfs and hats, a bedroom bench that also doubles as a bookshelf, a dressing mirror with a storage unit or a bed stand with drawers or a headboard that also serves as bookshelf and a library chair for your reading corner. This furniture can help your room look bigger and also free up space for you. 

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