April 1, 2019
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May 9, 2019

IDDS Interiors 2019 Valentine’s Day CSR

As a company that loves to give back to the society, IDDS Interiors decided to collaborate with an organization called “Close for the Day” to share a little love on Valentine’s Day by buying out trader’s merchandise in order for them to close business for the day, go home and spend the rest of the day with their family and loved ones.

We met up with the “Close for the day” team on days prior to Valentine’s day, strategized on locations and expenses and finally chose to visit the New Market located in Oniru, Lagos.

On Valentines day, we set out at 12pm and reached the market in about 5mins. The first Merchant we approached was a Middle aged woman who sold food, we explained to her that we were from an Interior Design company – IDDS Interiors and we wanted to buy out her merchandise so she can close for the day, but she refused, saying that she didn’t believe our claims, but felt that we were playing a prank on her.

We moved on to the next person, a young man who sold snacks. We explained our intentions to him. In good faith, he calculated the total cost of all merchandise he had, and gave us the total cost. We paid the total cost of all snacks, and asked him to share the snacks amongst passers-by and fellow merchants around. He announced loudly to everyone that he had free snacks, screaming “free puff puff” and a lot of passers-by, even car drivers, stopped to get their share of the free snacks. He also thanked IDDS Interiors for buying out his merchandise and letting him close business for the day.

Walking away from the stand of the snack seller, we ran into a woman who was hawking “Fura” for a living. She greeted us cheerfully and we proceeded to ask her for the worth of all her merchandise. She told us the cost, we paid for all bottles of fura, and she happily gave them all out to passers-by and fellow merchants in the market.

By the time we had found our third merchant, who was a very cheerful Man roasting plantain and yam, we had a huge crowd of adults and children following us, excited to be lucky enough to get free merchandise from the sellers we were going to close. We talked to the third merchant about our intentions, and he was happy to tell us the cost of all merchandise he had. The sellers and buyers in the market had noticed a trend, and gathered waiting for the merchant to announce that he had free roasted plantain to give out. His merchandise was finished in about a minute.

It went on that way with about 6 other merchants; a woman who sold soft drinks and water, a fruit seller, a little girl who sold key holders, an ice cream seller, a plantain chips hawker, amongst others.

At the end of the day, our team was overwhelmed with a feeling of gratitude for the amount of thanks and prayers that we received from Merchants and Passers-by . Being able to put smiles on the faces of the people who least expect it would always be priority to IDDS Interiors.

We are excited for the success of the Valentine’s Day IDDS Interiors X Closed for the day CSR collaboration and we look forward to more CSR collaborations in the future.

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