November 4, 2019
December 2, 2019

Office Spaces Styles That Inspires Creativity

  Formal does not necessarily have to mean boring, while it is quite important that workspaces have to connote seriousness and professionalism, it is also quite important to create a workplace that inspires employees to be productive. Financial incentives doesn’t constitute the whole bulk of what makes your employees happy, having a good and comfortable working environment is also very vital to getting the best out of your employees. On today’s post, I’m going to be sharing out tips on how to create a workplace where employees would love to work.

Color: Colors liven up a space. Although neutral colors are basic workspace colors, adding a touch of color can also help you create a lively work environment. You can play around with your brand colors as accent colors when deciding on the colors for your office furniture, decorative items for your reception, break room accessories.

Wall Treatment: You can make the walls work to you advantage. You can put up frames with quotes that ignite motivation, you can put up art paintings and creative elements that are naturally boost up creativity. The goal is to try and tone down the obvious tension that shadows work environment

Greenery: Adding a touch of nature can help achieve a peaceful mood. Apart from their aesthetic value, natural plants can help you achieve a healthy work environment, they also have a way of naturally absorbing noise and tense, they give out an aura that soothes your mind and help you concentrate with a calm mind.

Room Divider: We all love privacy and the freedom to personalize our space. For a large workspace where you have like 5 or more employees sharing the same workspace, you can make use of room dividers to create a personal workplace for each employee so they can personalize the space and add items and elements that helps them connect to their work on a personal level.

 Break Room: This particular element is very vital when it comes to getting the best out of your employees. Its gives them the avenue to burn out steam and tension, to have fun and play, to refuel and reenergize their body system before going back to brainstorm again. This is why it is very important to have a break room in any office. The break room is your chance to create an out of office atmosphere in your office. Play with colors, if your brand colors are not bright and fun colors, you can make use of colors like yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, these are lively colors that can help your employees get their energy back by the time its break over. You can also include and install game and fun element like a snooker table.

The goal here is to get the best out of your employees both in terms of creativity and productivity and this is why your office space design should not be too rigid but should contain few elements of flexibility.

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