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Six Affordable Ways to Add Glamour to Your Bedroom

We all have great ideas about how we want our personal space to look like, there is hardly anyone who doesn’t want a feel of what the expensive life feels like. On today’s post, we are going to explore 6 different ways you can achieve that feeling of being rich without actually spending more than you can afford. We are going to be talking about 6 affordable ways you can add glamour to your bedroom.

 Curtains: One of the most important elements of your bedroom are the curtains. Curtains have a way of giving the room an elegant look which is why I would always choose curtains over blinds. You can also decide to adopt the use of Ankara prints materials as curtains, they have a way of giving a space a unique sense of appeal.

 Wall Stickers: If you can’t afford a bed stand with a headboard, getting wall stickers for the wall behind your bed is another stylish and affordable way for adding glamour to your bedroom. This way you don’t have to use a wall paper for your walls, you can design only the wall behind your bed with beautiful wall stickers and you are good to go.

Rug: Your floor treatment is equally important, apart from rugs giving our feet the soft feeling they have been yearning after spending the whole day trapped inside shoes on a hard surface, rugs also helps to enhance the look of your bedroom. Rugs would always be the real go to for comfort and style when considering floor treatment, although expensive, getting an area rug for the core center of your room helps you to achieve this look and feel at a very affordable cost.

  Open Shelving: Another way of giving your bedroom that expensive look without breaking the bank is to adopt the open shelf style, where you can shelf your bags and shoes and other accessories. You can also adopt an open wardrobe style. All you have to do is organize them in a way that doesn’t make your room look too busy.

    Throw Pillows: Throw pillows are specifically made for glamour, and they are quite affordable. A minimum of 3 should do the trick.

   Scent Candles: Scent candles would not only add glamour to your room, they also make you feel glamourous. They enhance both the look and the feel of the room thus giving you that rich feeling.

All of these items vary in price, material, color, and texture, however the most important factor to consider when picking these items is how they appeal to you, your budget as well as the size of the space.

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