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Ten Important Interior Design Apps

Every Interior Designer in recent times cannot accomplish anything without some apps coming handy. These apps are out there to satisfy every designer, whether you are a professional or a DIY.

We at IDDS Interiors have decided to compile these few apps that have been helpful and hope you find them handy. Whether you’re a DIY or run your own Interior business, there’s an app to help you out with your work.


Houzz is like the go to app for all interior designers and is, arguably, the mother of all design apps. Its database contains more than 12 million reference design and is organized according to style, room and location. You can create your designs on the App and make sketches and add them to your idea book. For designers providing products, you can also create an online shop and DIY Enthusiasts can also shop millions of products directly from the app.

Free for iOS and Android


Are you a Tech Savvy DIY or Business owner looking to get a grip on your project? Trello offers the best trendy project management solution to Manage, Monitor and Track your projects. It is quiet easy to use with a real savvy interface. The App is web based which means you can have access to it from anywhere to monitor your timelines, objectives and stakeholders. You can organize and prioritize your projects in a fun, flexible and rewarding way with Trello’s boards and cards.

Free for iOS and Android


Home design 3D is like the handy easy to use app to create stunning 3D visualization of your décor projects. This App is so easy to use and friendly and does about almost everything in the design phase of your project. The App is quiet responsive and intuitive and can be used to design everything from your floor plans to furniture and decorations. The Best thing about this app is that it is available to use on all platforms and can be used to design just about any Space.

Free for iOS and Android


Pinterest is like the encyclopedia for design ideas and reference pictures. Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann described Pinterest as a “catalogue of ideas that inspires users to “go out and do that thing, rather than as an image-based social network”. The Pinterest app is quiet friendly and easy to use and can always serve as a guide to helping you make the perfect design decisions. So if you are looking for that app to guide and inspire you I would strongly suggest Pinterest.

Free for iOS and Android


If you are thinking of augmented reality then the most easy to use App for Décor professionals and DIY is Décor Matters. The App has its own easy to use Boards and templates and also has some features that can help with the project management of your designs. The App has a lot of Inspirational photos and there is a large online community you can interact with for suggestions, ideas and recommendations.

Free for iOS and Android


One App that comes really recommended for all professionals and DIY Enthusiasts is Hutch. The App is well packaged to be you one stop app for everything interior décor. The App has a very fun and friendly interface. The App is relatively new but has been gaining a lot of grounds amongst decorators. The App also has 3D technology features to see how your design will come out together in your space.

Free for iOS and Android


Wikihow is like the best thing that can happen to any Interior Designer. Not just designers, Wikihow is that one stop solution to all your enquiries. Wikihow tells you how to do everything and covers just about any topic. Wikihow comes very handy for every DIY Interior Designer as you get instructions and illustrations to do just about anything yourself. From repairs and maintenance and finding of faults down to project management tips, Wikihow has the solution and answers to everything.

Free for iOS and Android


Magic like the name suggests is the best way to describe this fantastic App. This App just allows you to take pictures of your space and just like magic it turns them into floor plans voila. This App saves you so much stress and can be really helpful and important for DIY Decors especially if you have little or no prior experience. The biggest advantage of this app is the accuracy of the floor plan measurements as in it brings out every detail. You can create your 2D or 3D Dimensions with this App. Houdini would be proud, don’t you think.

Free for iOS and Android


Instagram has been like a blessing to all Interior designers. If you are already a professional or upcoming Interior designer, Instagram creates an avenue for you to showcase your projects. Instagram is a photo sharing app that can help you market your works and services on a budget. This hugely popular social media app, creates a platform for designers to connect. This photo and video sharing app has almost everything to make your design works come alive. The app is very trendy and comes with easy to use filters to edit your pictures. Since it’s owned by Facebook you can also integrate it across various social media platforms.

Free for iOS and Android


Havenly is that all in one app that is very important for every interior decorator. The app has a multi-purpose function that makes it too valuable to ignore for all interior décor professional or enthusiasts. The App allows you to post pictures and view other people’s work for inspiration. The App also come packed with an e-commerce option to allow you buy and sell online. One more thing is that it connects you to thousands of professionals you can communicate with and get real time solutions to your projects.

Free for iOS and Android

We are seriously crushing on these apps so hurry up and download any of these apps and watch your interior design idea come alive. These Apps have been carefully collated based on experience and popular usage. So don’t forget to thank us later and stay glued to our blog posts for more juicy contents.

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  1. There are also apps that can help you in your project such as Instagram, Decor Matters, Pinterest, Home Design 3D.

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