October 22, 2019
November 4, 2019


The art of accessorizing was established years ago by the ancient Greeks, who were experts in design, scale, and proportion.

Interior design accessorizing involves adding finishing touches to a chosen home style for decorative and functional purposes. Decorating a room with accessories means selecting the right objects which will be on display to make a focal point and enhance the panache of the room.

The aim of selecting accessories is to make the right impression of how people want to be seen as an individual, cooperation or family. The ultimate goal, however, is to create a living space that is both pleasing to look at and comfortable to use. By choosing suitable accessories for your home style decoration you will allow others to take notice of who you are and how you like to live.

Accessorizing your home is the final (and cool!) step in the home staging process


All home design accessories have certain features in common, but some of them are mass-produced and others are exclusively designed. Any item that has been crafted by hand and is genuinely the only one of its kind will add more prestige to an interior than any number of mass-produced items.

There is nothing wrong in using mass-produced items as home design accessories when these are chosen precisely to go with a particular interior design panache, but home accessories produced by independent designers in craft studios will always make more of an impact. Anything from a plant holder to a chandelier will create an impression when it is a unique object or one of a limited number.

Interior design accessories should always be kept within the overall style of the room. Each item should work with that style and support it. The right home design accessories should never look out of place in their setting, whether the interior design is contemporary or traditional.


Finding the best home design accessories for different rooms should be a fun experience and should certainly not be thought of as a time-consuming chore. It can be done online or by visiting studios, browsing at craft fairs and finding uniquely designed objects or decorative items in unexpected places.

The biggest mistake people make is in adding items without giving any thought as to how those objects will affect the overall look and style of the room in which they are placed. Look for items that reflect your taste and suit your individual sense of style and personality. Start by taking a look through your own possessions. You could find some great accessories if you have any sort of collection or a store of personal treasures.


Make sure if you are doing vases in a corner or candles or staking things that you have your highest, medium and your lowest positions. It adds a really good vibration to the space and it also makes it feel welcoming. If it doesn’t seems to be in the right place more it to some other place for a better view.

You could also apply the ‘golden mean’ rule of home design which says that the most pleasing arrangement require dividing the length of an area ½ and 1/3. Placing accessories off-center is ultimately more pleasing to the eye.

Arranging accessories in odd numbers of different sizes is also a style adopted from the Greeks. They discovered grouping objects in odd numbers is more pleasing to the eyes than even numbers. For example, three pillows on a sofa will look better than two. That’s why when you buy pre-packaged bedding, you’ll often find accent pillows in groups of three and in different sizes or styles.

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