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August 26, 2019
September 9, 2019

The Difference between Interior Design and Interior Decoration.

One interesting fact about interior design and interior decoration is that they both seek to present a solution to maintaining a comfortable life where things seem to balance up on its own. Although similar, they are however different. In today’s post, we are going to mention a few of these differences.                          

Although both concepts are processes of enhancing both the functional and aesthetical value of a space, a lot of people tend to think they are just different ways of saying the same thing. However, the concept of interior design is a lot different from the concept of interior decoration. While interior design is the art and science of bringing spaces to life, interior decorating is basically just the art aspect of interior design. Interior design is whole while interior decoration is a part of the whole.

Interior Design entails the whole process of researching, planning, coordinating, managing, development of concepts, site inspecting, programming, communicating and lots more. Just anybody can be an interior decorator but it takes one who is trained in all of these to be an interior designer. An interior designer works with the architect, the builder, furniture dealers, painters and plumbers and the whole team involved in the building of a space while an interior decorator might not necessarily even have to know all of these people.

Interior Decoration basically just entails how to enhance the aesthetic value of a place, how to make a place look pleasing to the eye, it basically involves determining space requirement, like picking out the furniture, the colors, picking out decorative items and accessories and positioning them properly within the space. Interior decoration involves adding contents to a space while interior design involve determining the features of each content, the ways in which they can appeal to the emotions and the mood of those who want to use the space. An interior designer, based on how he/she has been trained can decide and advise the client that, changing the structure of a particular room by breaking down a wall or creating an artificial wall in a particular spot would serve the client a lot more valve whereas an interior decorator can only advise the client on what accessories to place on the wall. Part of an interior designer’s job is to advise the client on the best kind of materials to use, the reasons why they are the best, their advantages and disadvantages while an interior decorator can only facilitate the arrangement and placement of the furniture, the color, and styling of the room.

The distinction between interior design and interior decoration goes a long way beyond all of these above-mentioned points. There are so many differences between interior design and interior decoration that cannot be exhausted in one post, hopefully, we might just decide to touch this topic again!

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