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March 19, 2019
April 1, 2019

Tips to Turn Your Rented House into a Home

Moving house and securing a new accommodation can be very stressful and tiring. The thought and prospects of redecorating never looks attractive as well. There are a few things to consider after you have secured your accommodation; you need to budget for electrical and home appliances, furniture and the overall interior décor of the apartment. The overall appearance of the apartment is key to how comfortable you will find the home and the perception to guest when they visit. We will be sharing some valuable tips on how to turn your rented house into a home.


Most rented apartments are always painted with a single dull colour, most preferably white, off white or cream. If you find those Colours boring, then you might need to repaint with suitable and preferred colour. Bright Colours like lemon and orange are very attractive and they help to abstract stains.

Space Management and Re-arrangement

Having a proper and effective space management and re-arrangement can help maximize space if your rented apartment is a bit small. You might need to carefully plan the arrangement of your furniture and electrical appliances. Everything needs to be planned and arranged neatly to allow free and unrestricted movement. A properly planned space can go a long way in making the rented house feel like home.

New Furniture

You might decide to purchase new furniture to match whatever interior décor concept you are adopting in your new apartment. It might be a new bed set to new mattress or a new sofa with those cute throw pillows etc. Whatever you do make sure you get really comfortable and matching furniture. Remember you are the one that will stay in the apartment for the next few months or years.

Find Faults and Fix them

Find all faults that might cause any form of inconvenience to your serene habitat. There might be electrical or plumbing faults that might have gone unnoticed during your house inspection. To avoid any discomfort get these faults fixed right away.

Purchase the Right Electrical and Kitchen Appliances

The importance of our electrical and kitchen appliances can’t be emphasized enough. They are very key to our survival and a vital ingredient to making a house a home. Get the right entertainment system which could include a nice television set, nice sound system, Wi-Fi etc. and all those gadgets that would make your house come alive. Get the right domestic appliances like pressing iron, washing machine etc. And lastly get the right kitchen appliances, from cookers to freezers, deep fryers and all those things to make your kitchen drip. Lastly, power is key especially if your house is in Nigeria, don’t forget to get a generator, even if its I better pass, at all at all, na im bad.

Pictures and Paintings

Pictures are great in decorating our homes and add a bit of luxury and class to our walls. Old pictures and pictures of family and friends, can help us feel more at ease and closer to our loved ones.

Flowers and Plants

If you are a nature lover, then you won’t mind adding a bit of green to your residence. You can get artificial or real plants and flowers and place them in strategic locations around your home.

Health and  Safety

Health and Safety in our environment is very important to our habitat. Always ensure that you have a much secured environment. Your entry and exit doors need to be fortified and ensure all windows have burglary proofs installed.  Also ensure you have a first aid and medicine box on standby in case of minor accidents.

Cleaning and Fumigation

Thorough cleaning of floors, window panes and the whole apartment should be considered a priority if you are moving in newly. Also fumigate quarterly or bi annually to ward off insects, pests and unwanted tenants.

Remember to always have a proper lighting arrangement to make your home come alive. Pay attention to your flooring and decide if you are okay with tiles or if you prefer the feel of a rug or carpet. Ensure your Store is filled with food stuffs. Also get a pet if you are an animal lover, Dogs are a great companion and they also help with security. You can also get domestic cats or birds.

Lastly, make sure your apartment always smell nice, so try and get scented candles, air fresheners and about anything to make sure your place smells nice. When you are through with all these don’t forget to throw a small house warming party to celebrate. Cheers!


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    I like this post, enjoyed this one appreciate it for posting. “The reward for conformity was that everyone liked you except yourself.” by Rita Mae Brown.

  2. Shifting is not easy but read your article get some tips. I appreciate your hard work. It will be helpful for every housekeeper. A lot of blogs I search-related things but you can fulfill my expectation. Really this is a wonderful tips and tricks for moving easily.

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